What is TruckLogger

NOTICE: All customers should immediately update to version 3.1.6 to resolve any issues you may be having emailing logs, synchronizing logs, or logging into the application.

TruckLogger is an enhanced drivers daily log computer program designed to make it easy for Truck and Bus Drivers to complete their drivers daily log electronically. We believe that Commercial Driver's should never again worry about getting costly fines or losing safety bonuses because of noncompliance. With TruckLogger Driver's will be able to quickly and easily enter, verify, and print their driver's daily log. Whether you're a company driver, or owner operator, here are a few reasons we think TruckLogger can help you.

TruckLogger was designed to allow for easy drivers daily log completion to get Truck drivers back on the road earning money.
TruckLogger was designed from the ground up to allow drivers to complete their drivers daily log book quickly and easily.
TruckLogger has been tested throughly to ensure that your driver's daily log hours of service are in compliance with DOT and FMSCA regulations
TruckLogger has been tested extensively to make sure that hours of service are accurately calculated.
TruckLogger comes with an extensive list of configuration options to allow drivers to customize the application to make it easier to complete their driver's daily log. You can also fill out your driver's daily log on multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X
TruckLogger runs on both Windows™ XP and Vista as well as Apple™ OS X, It also has an extensive set of configurations to allow drivers to configure the application the way they need.
TruckLogger is prices to be an affordable but feature rich driver's daily log application, that will save truck driver's time and money
The TruckLogger team realizes that rising diesel prices are cutting into drivers profits. That is why TruckLogger is priced to be affordable for all drivers, and designed to save drivers time and money.